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'The Day you Stop Improving is The Day you Stop Living.'

This quote symbolizes what a Progressholic believes in. At Progressholic, we are addicted to daily progress in our physical, mental and spiritual paths. You cannot achieve your dreams and goals overnight, but through consistent progress each day, you can get closer to your goals as well as your ideal self. Progressholic strives to provide you with the tools to achieve this daily progress and make this journey a tad bit easier. It is really easy to feel lost when you are trying to grow as an individual as you will hit many roadblocks in your journey. At Progressholic, we believe that these roadblocks are not failures, but lessons. Therefore, we want to be your guiding light through your ups and downs. When you buy something from Progressholic, you are not only buying into the brand, but you represent the effort and countless hours that people put into their journey to reach their desired destination.

'The Greatest Things In Life Are Achieved Outside Your Comfort Zone'

That quote changed my life completely. Growing up, I was extremely shy, introverted and reserved. My mental and physical health were not where I wanted it to be. I lived the first 16 years of my life in this box. I reached a point in my life where I had to ask myself the question that if I die today, would I be proud of the life I lived? My answer was no and that is when I knew something had to change. I had to get over my social anxiety and see what the world had to offer. 

When I first began trying to open up, I realized that there was no magic pill which would remove all my insecurities overnight. Instead, I had to take concrete steps every single day to push myself outside my comfort zone. Day by day, my life started slowly changing as I discovered sides of me that I never knew existed. Years later, I can't even believe that my current version and that 16 year old version was the same person. More than the person I am today, I enjoyed the process of developing every single day and pushing my limiting beliefs. This is why I wanted to create Progressholic as a platform for people to look to when they are going through their own self development journey. To help our community out, we have tons of resources available to aid you through your journey. Nonetheless, I urge you to fall in love with the process of improving yourself and become addicted to daily progress. 

-Devesh Tilokani, Founder & CEO


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